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Default ruleset for PHP, curated by r2c.

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User data flows into this manually-constructed SQL string. User data can be safely inserted into SQL strings using prepared statements or an object-relational mapper (ORM). Manually-constructed SQL strings is a possible indicator of SQL injection, which could let an attacker steal or manipulate data from the database. Instead, use prepared statements (`$mysqli->prepare("INSERT INTO test(id, label) VALUES (?, ?)");`) or a safe library.

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User data flows into the host portion of this manually-constructed URL. This could allow an attacker to send data to their own server, potentially exposing sensitive data such as cookies or authorization information sent with this request. They could also probe internal servers or other resources that the server runnig this code can access. (This is called server-side request forgery, or SSRF.) Do not allow arbitrary hosts. Instead, create an allowlist for approved hosts hardcode the correct host.

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It looks like MD5 is used as a password hash. MD5 is not considered a secure password hash because it can be cracked by an attacker in a short amount of time. Use a suitable password hashing function such as bcrypt. You can use `password_hash($PASSWORD, PASSWORD_BCRYPT, $OPTIONS);`.